Custom cable assembly manufacturing in Costa Mesa, CA. Small-business contract manufacturer for military. Prototypes and full production.

Custom D-Sub Cables

TCC builds custom D-Sub cable assemblies according to your custom specifications:

  • DSub Hybrid Cable Assemblies
  • Military Grade DSub Backshells and Backshell Cans
  • LSZH Cable
  • Custom Pinouts
  • Custom Mold Designs and Logos


Custom D-Sub Hybrid Cables

D-Sub Hybrid and multi-legged Hydra cables are our specialty. Below are examples of some custom D-Sub assemblies we've built.


Right Angle Dsub to Coax DB9 to RJ45 custom cable
R/A DB9 Female to Multi-Legged Coax Cables DB9 Female to RJ45 Cable


Custom DSub Military Hybrid  Cable DB15 Male to Female with Coax Leads
DB9 Military Grade Cans to Mil-C D38999 with RJ45 DB15 Male to Female with Coax Leads Custom Cable


DB25 Female Quad Panelmount from SCSI Ribbon Cable DB15F Quad Panelmount to IDC on RIbbon Cable
DB25 x4 Female Panelmount on Internal SCSI Ribbon Cable Dual DB15 Female Panelmount with IDC Sockets on Ribbon Cable



Molded D-Sub Cables

On-site injection molding enables us to mold your D-Sub assemblies to custom designs and with logos. We are tooled for:

DB9 molded cables

DB25 molded cables

DB50 molded cables

HD15 molded cables

We can custom-tool to your specs. All molding is done on site.

Click here for Serial & Null-Modem Cables


Standard Molded D-Sub Connectors

DB25 Female Connector DB25 Male Connector
DB25 Female Connector DB25 Male Connector
DB9 Female Connector DB9 Male Connector
DB9 Female Connector DB9 Male Connector


Backshell or Boot-Kit Cables

Standard backshell cans and boot-kits are available for

D-Sub DB15 cables

D-Sub DB37 cables.

Backshells are offered for

D-Sub high-density HD26

D-Sub high-density HD44

D-Sub high-density HD62

D-Sub high-density HD78






Contact us with your custom D-Sub RFQ.
eMail or call (800) 832-2225 US & Canada.

(714) 835-1081 for outside North America.

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