Electronic Chassis and Enclosures

TCC manufactures OEM sub assemblies for electronic enclosure systems.

  • Rackmounts & Towers
  • Cabinets & Boxes
  • Ruggedized Housings


On Site Manufacturing

On site electro-mechanical assembly manufacturing allows for engineering services, immediate manufacturing alterations, and BOM changes.

Engineering and Support

  • CAD Prints
  • Production Boards
  • Epoxy / Acrylic Soft Molds

Manufacturing Services

  • Prototypes
  • Full Production
  • On Site, Immediate Revisions

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Electronic Box Builds

Provide the box, and we will build the sub-assembly cables. We can create production steps, strategies, and prints. When it’s time for full production, we will implement those processes into your custom, streamlined manufacturing technique.

Box Build In-Process (WIP)


Electro Mechanical Assembly on a Production Board (WIP)