Cat 6 and Cat 5e Cables

TCC is your source for Network Cat6, Cat6A and Cat5E UTP and STP cables. These Ethernet network LAN cables feature RJ45, RJ11, or RJ12 plugs with round twisted pair or silver satin flat Cat Cable.


Custom CAT6 and CAT5e Cables & Hybrids

We manufacture custom network Cat cables and CAT5e and CAT6 hybrids on-site to your custom BOM and pin-out.

  • Hydra, Multi-Leg Octopus Hybrids
  • Cyclades, Trunk Cables
  • Ferrites, Shrink-Tube, etc.
  • Custom Packaging
  • Custom Labeling & Bar Coding


DB9 to RJ45 Custom D-SUB to CAT Cable Custom DSub Military Hybrid  Cable
DB9F to Cat5e RJ45 Mil-C 38999 Cat5e Breakout to RJ45 and D-Sub
Custom Coax Assembly  
24W7 to Cat5e RJ45 with Boot  


Ethernet CAT Cable

  • Cat6 or Cat5e CAT UTP Cables
  • Cat5e and Cat6 Shielded STP Cables
  • Round Cable
  • Flat Silver-Satin CAT Cable
  • Solid or Stranded CAT Cable


CAT Cable Plugs (Connectors)

  • RJ45, RJ11, and RJ12
  • Round or Flat Cable Entry Hole
  • 50u Gold-Plated Contacts on Cat5e
    and Cat6 Cable

Contact us with your requirements for your custom RJ45 CAT5e and CAT6 cable needs:


Call us to begin your quote

(800) 832-2225 USA & Canada

(714) 835-1081

or email your RFQ



Easy Installation

We make cable installation easy for your ethernet network, data, and telecom projects:

  • Harnesses & Bundles
  • Designator Labels
  • Color Schemes
RJ45 Bundled Harness RJ45 Hydra with Designator Labels
RJ45 Bundled Cables for Quick Installation RJ45 Designator Labels for Quick Installation


CAT6 and CAT5e Assemblies

  • Snagless Boots or No Boots
  • Variety of Colors
  • Standard and Crossover Pinouts
  • Custom Pinouts
  • Hybrid Custom Assemblies


RJ45 Patch Cord with Boot RJ45 with Ferrites
RJ45 with Boots RJ45 no Boots with Ferrites

CAT5e and CAT6 Part Numbers

951810E-XXXCL(-B) Cat5e Ethernet Cable
951810ES-XXXCL(-B) Cat5e Shielded Ethernet Cable
961810-XXXCL(-B) * Cat6 Ethernet Cable
961810S-XXXCL(-B) * Cat6 Shielded Ethernet Cable
CL= Color XXX= Length in Inches
-B= With Boot * Tested to 500MHZ. Please Inquire for 600MHZ

Color Scheme for Part Numbers

Replace CL in the part number with this color scheme BK RD OR