CX4 Cables

10 GbE CX4 cable assemblies are in stock!
These 10 Gbs Ethernet cables use InfiniBand style SFF-8470 connectors with the ejector type latch.


InfiniBand-style CX4 connector InfiniBand-Style Connector

• Ethernet Environment

• High Speed

• 10 Gbs


TCC’s high performance CX4 10Gbase cables use 10 Gb twin-ax copper cable with to provide you fast, reliable, and low cost network connectivity.



10GbE Optic Cables (Aqua Cables)


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CX4 Cable Assemblies

  • InfiniBand Connector
  • 10 Gb Ethernet Cable
  • Twin-Ax Copper Cable (twisted-pair)
  • 4 Differential Pairs Per Direction
  • 8 Twin-Ax Channels
  • 100 ohm Cable
  • 802.3ak IEE Standard


CX4 Assembly Part Numbers

InfiniBand-Style CX4 connector
CX4 Cable Assembly
XXXM= length in meters, TCC stocks .5meter-15 meter
CX4 28 AWG Cable