Custom Internal SCSI Cables

TCC specializes in internal SCSI custom cables. Built with round or ribbon cable, we manufacture cable assemblies on-site, according to your unique requirements.


Non-shielded round cable is used internally to keep cable size to a minimum. This increases airflow and allows maneuverability inside tight areas.

• Panel-Mount Female Ends
• Male Backshell Ends
• Precise Connector Placement & Orientation

45° VHDCI Backshell Round-to-Flat SCSI Cable

Panel-Mount and Backshell End SCSI Cables

Custom Internal SCSI

Hybrid connector configurations, solid or stranded wire types, and teflon, PVC, or halogen-free cable are options within our custom assembly capabilities.

The cable jacket can be completely removed and replaced with mesh netting for increased flexibility.

Custom Internal External with Mesh SCSI Assembly   D38999 on Ribbon Cable
SCSI / Military Hybrid

Bracket Styles

Mounting bracket   L style bracket for PC. Low Profile also available

SCSI Internal Cables

Whether you call them SCSI internal cables, SCSI ribbon cables, SCSI flat cables, SCSI loop cables, or SCSI RAID cables, we quick-turn manufacture all internal SCSI cable assemblies to your requests.

Whatever electrical parameters you must meet, we build-to-fit your SCSI internal drive layout and solve your unique space, flexibility, and airflow challenges.

U320 Twist-n-Flat Cables

We use Amphenol Spectra Strip Twist ‘N’ Flat®

in our standard flat LVD/SE Ultra 320 SCSI ribbon cable assemblies:

These cables are quick-turn manufactured according to your specific and custom requirements:

• Backward Compatible
• Up or Down Connector Orientation
• Twisted-Pair in 5.25″ Sections
• Twisted-Pair in 9.85″ Sections
• IDC (Crimp on to Cable) Style HD68 Termination
• Mate (Plug in to Connector) Style HD68 Termination

Connector Placement

Connectors can be attached only to the flat areas of the cable.We offer two lengths of connector placement

These cables are quick-turn manufactured according to your specific and custom requirements:

• Twisted-Pair in 5.25″ Sections
• Twisted-Pair in 9.85″ Sections

Example of U320 SCSI cable assembly:

(Left to Right: female external connector with bracket, two male connectors, and IDC terminator)

Termination Styles

Terminating your SCSI bus is important to run your system effectively. We offer two ways of terminating your flat cable.

For more SCSI terminators and adapters, visit our Terminators page.

IDC: Crimped onto cable   Plugged into connector

Jumper Cables

SCSI adapter cables

Just let us know what you want connected and we can build a short SCSI adapter cable for you.

ATA/IDE Cables

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