Custom Assembly Molding

TCC offers a wide selection of standard, in-stock molded cable assemblies, but also tools custom overmolds unique to your cable.

Molded standard assembly product line:

  • SCSI
  • Camera Link
  • D-Sub

As a full-service cable manufacturer, we offer choices for your custom engineered and custom molded cable assemblies.

  • On-Site Molding
  • Machine Injection Molding
  • Soft, Hand Molds for Epoxy and Potting Compound


Custom Tooled Molds

Also, we tool molds with your company name, logo, or custom designator markings.

cust-molds S3-DB9
Custom molds that have unique angles Custom backshell mold and molded ferrite
Y-cable MDR-molded
Molds for octopus-style cable (Y cable shown) Molded backshell to take logo or company name


Hand or “soft” molds for:

Epoxy or potting compound strain relief, wire securing, etc.

Assembly overmold for:

custom cables, connectors, and backshells.

Custom tooled mold casts for:

logos, letters, numbers, designators, and names.

Molds for unique cable assembly:

molded strain-relief, octopus, hybrid, and multi-legged cables.

Custom molds for industry-specific markets:

mil-con molds and other military cables, custom aerospace cables, robotics, and Camera-Link over-molding casts.

On-Site Molding

We mold at our facility, which allows us to oversee and refine the process of your custom molded assembly requirements.

All overmolded assemblies are tested throughout the molding process to ensure they pass 100% electrical testing and visual and aesthetic inspection.

Molding machines on TCC’s production floor


Call us with your custom cable specifications and other requirements.

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