Transceiver Modules

8Gbs SFP transceivers are in stock!

SFPs, GBICs, and MIAs are modules that adapt, convert, and then transmit and receive data within a single housing unit.

Transceivers can be used as adapters and converters to link SFP to Optical, SFP to Copper, and Optical to Copper environments.

All items on this page are RoHs compliant.


In-Stock Transceiver Modules

• 8Gb SFP to LC with Rate-Select Option

• 4Gb SFP to LC with Rate-Select Option

• HSSDC2 to DB9 Board-Mount, Hot-Swappable

• InfiniBand to MPO Optic

SFP Small Form-Factor Pluggable Converter

GBIC Gigabit Interface Converter

MIA Media Interface Adapter

4X-Optic InfiniBand™ to MPO converter


SFP to LC Optical Transceivers

Adapt the SFP board to accept an optic LC cable:

8Gb SFP-LC Finisar transceiver adapter module w/rate select 278872-F SFP-LC 8.5Gbs w/Rate Select Finisar Transceiver
4Gb SFP-LC Finisar transceiver adapter module 278472-F SFP-LC 4.25Gbs RoHs Finisar Transceiver


GBIC Transceivers

A board-mount, hot-swap gigabit Ethernet I/O converter device

GBIC DB9 Female Module 271000-CDA DB9F Active with Serial ID
GBIC HSSDC2 Female Module 273000-CHA HSSDC2 Active with Serial ID

MIA Transceivers

Convert copper to optical signals. For short-wave, with Serial I.D.

LC-HSSDC MIA converter adapter module 283713 HSSDC-LC 2Gbs 3.3V


Loop-Back Plugs

Copper Loopbacks and Optical Loopbacks

2Gb SFP Loop Back 287009 SFP 2Gbs Copper Loop-Back Plug
2Gb SFP Loop Back Squeeze Release 287009-SR SFP 2Gbs Copper Loop-Back Plug “Squeeze Release” 
HSSDC2 Loop-Back Plug 284009 HSSDC2 Copper Loop-Back Plug
LC plug for Single Mode Optic SM Loop Back 250776 LC Single Mode
Optical Loop-Back Plug
SC plug Multi Mode MM loop back 251001 SC Multi Mode
Optical Loop-Back Plug


Fiber Optic Couplers

Extend fiber optic cables!

LC Female Adapter Coupler 257002 LC-LC Female Coupler
SC Female F-F Adapter Coupler 251002 SC-SC Female Coupler


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