Custom Cable Assembly


Provide us with your specifications, and we will engineer and manufacture your specialty custom cable assemblies. We are a full-service cable assembly manufacturing facility.

Since 1989, our success has been earned by expertly manufacturing specialty electronic cables and industrial automation cable assemblies and harnesses, and delivering high quality cabling products on time.

Prototype and production, with on-site consultation, engineering, and manufacturing, make solving your cabling needs easy and streamlined.



  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Robotics
  • Machine Vision Systems
  • Industrial Automated Machinery
  • Large Storage Systems
  • HPC (High Performance Computer) Systems


Custom Assembly Types

  • Robotic Cabling Harnesses
  • Military D38999 MIL-C Cables
  • Network Bundles
  • Multi-Leg Hybrids
  • SCSI and SCSI Hybrids
  • MDSM Micro-D Cables


Custom Requirements


Old-Generation & Hard-to-Find

  • SSA Cable Assemblies
  • GPIB ieee 488 Cable Assemblies
  • ITT Cannon & IBM Cable Assemblies
  • Legacy Cable Assemblies
  • DEC Cables
  • SCSI Latch, Screw, etc


Custom Services

See our Custom Services page for a sampling of how we cater to your unique needs.

Photos: Bundles with Designator Labels

RJ45-designator_labels discrete-labels


On-Site Manufacturing

Cable assembly and production is done at our Orange County, CA facility. Our attention to detail and ability to manufacture to intricate specifications has earned us a respected place in this competitive industry for over 25 years.

TCC builds many different custom and specialty cable assemblies, for world-wide companies, in a wide variety of industries.

D38999-hybrid-cable DB25-ribbon-cable
Mil-C D38999 Custom Military Hybrid Cable Assembly 4-Leg DB25 Female Custom Internal Ribbon Cable


Custom-coax-assembly custom-harness-on-board
Custom Assembly D-Sub with Coax Leads Complex Harness on Production Board


24W7-custom-assembly custom-D-Sub-assembly
24W7 D-Sub to RJ45 Custom Cable Assembly D-Sub to 4-Pin Housing Custom Cable Assembly


Standard Quality Control

  • All Parts 100% Tested
  • All Parts Warrantied
  • On-Line Inspections
  • Monthly Quality Analysis Reports
  • Omni-Scanner Fiber Optic Testing
  • Back Reflection, DB Loss Testing
  • IPC/WHMA-A-620A Class 3
  • ISO 9001:2000

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